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Welcome to Skank Dojin: otherwise known as dank and smelly bunker of the raging egomaniac ar-teest known as Polly E.

Here you will find vulgar and (hopefully) amusing dojinshi comics, blithe ranting and notorious old Project VIAG cartoons. From time to time odd things like polls and awards and whatnot may surface, but that's really quite incidental.

S'all about the comics here folks, and that's what the focus is gonna be. uh, focused on. Okay, that one fell flat. But fuck it, I'm on a roll here.

Wander about a bit. You may just stumble across something groovy.

-- Polly E

The bunny is happy. So too should you be.



Skank Dojin is brought to you by Polly E. All artwork displayed, while perhaps not always used with copyright permission, remain my intellectual property. Point being, stealing my images is very Not Okay. If you feel super-inclined to put something of mine on your site, then you damn well better ask. And FYI: if I don't respond to your emails, that doesn't mean I'm giving tacit approval.